Some Not So Expensive Date Ideas

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You don’t always have to spend a lot in order to have a great date with your partner. You both can have a great time together without having to spend so much for your outfit, the restaurant, etc. Here are some date ideas that are light on the budget but are big on enjoyment. 


  1. Going Historical 

Go to museums or historical places and reminisce the past lives of the people. You can also go to stores that sell antique objects and articles and recall and talk about events that shaped ancient history. 

     2. Play in the snow 

Go build a snowman together, throw snow at each other, and just play around. Or you can ski as well. Once the cold gets unbearable, you can get inside and sip a hot cup of chocolate.  

     3. Sweat it out 

Workout or go to the gym together. You can also go for a run, hike, or do yoga together. Exercise is important and you can do it together and help each other stay healthy. 

     4. Get a massage 

Go to the spa and get a massage together. It’s a great way of easing your stress and muscle aches from the whole week’s or even month’s work. If the spa is too far away or if you don’t have a massage therapist on speed dial, you can always turn your home into a spa. You can have body scrubs, bubble baths, or foot massages. 

     5. Go for a motorcycle or bike ride 

Riding the motorcycle will give you that adrenaline rush. The wind will make you want to go faster. And you can get really close with each other which is a plus. A bike ride won’t give as much closeness but will still give you fun and enjoyment. 

     6. Play board games or even Xbox 

He might be one of those people who loves playing computer games or Xbox. You can spend your date playing his video games. He will surely appreciate it. And you will get to understand him better. And who knows? You might get hooked too. 

     7. Go for a food trip 

There’s nothing quite like enjoying really good and delicious food together. Humans are social beings who like to gather when there’s food around. Good food will always bring good conversations. 

     8. Cook together  

Even if one of you or both of you don’t know how to cook, it will only make cooking more fun and exciting. Learning together and with each other is one of the many things that makes a relationship grow and foster. And if you’re both lucky, you can create your own recipe that you can serve to others as well. 

    9. Take pictures together 

There are many ways to do this. But one of the most fun ways is through a photo booth. It’s such a classic. And you’ll have something to keep too.  


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